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About WillNicholes.com


As of October 2007, willnicholes.com has moved from the Comcast corporate servers (located who knows where) to a humble server in the basement of a friend’s house in Sylvania, Ohio.

Behold, the physical home of willnicholes.com:

The willnicholes.com web server.

Fun fact: the electrical outlet you see in the top left corner was installed by yours truly. I also do light switches!


The October 2007 re-design of this site was my first tentative step into the world of XHTML and CSS.

Page-specific content is written in Notepad (as is the CSS file), and the webpages themselves are generated using a small C# program I wrote that combines the page-specific content with an XHTML template. The template (also written in Notepad) includes the sidebars and other HTML boilerplate.

Most of the pages on this site are XHTML 1.0 Strict-compliant: you can test this using this handy markup syntax validator. It’s interesting to see which websites actually have valid HTML or XHTML syntax: almost all of the sites I visit don’t, although Wikipedia is a notable exception.

It surprises me that companies like Apple would have such sloppy HTML, since it’s so easy to check. (It does not surprise me that Microsoft’s home page is even worse.) Kudos to IBM for being one of the few big tech companies with valid HTML.


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