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Presenting... Duck Attack!

Authentic cartridge from AtariAge

You can now buy authentic Duck Attack! cartridges for your Atari 2600 or 7800 from AtariAge!

The cartridge features beautiful artwork by Nathan Strum, and ships with a detailed, full-color user’s manual.

AtariAge is the exclusive source for authentic Duck Attack! cartridges.


Duck Attack! ROM pack

If you don’t have an Atari or you prefer to play on your favorite emulator, Duck Attack! is also available as a ROM pack for $15. The ROM pack is a zip file that includes:

  • The full, playable Duck Attack! binary with all the features of the cartridge binary, in NTSC, PAL-50 and PAL-60 formats;
  • A special all-green St. Patrick’s edition of the Duck Attack!, in NTSC and PAL-50 formats;
  • A black-and-white (grayscale) version of Duck Attack!, in NTSC, PAL-50 and PAL-60 formats;
  • The Duck Attack! player’s manual, in RTF format; and
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Duck Attack!, with early prototype screenshots (in RTF format.)

Each of the binaries is playable on your favorite Atari emulator (I recommend Stella) and loadable on any Atari multi-cart (Harmony, Krok cart, etc.)

The ROM pack features the full functionality of the cartridge version, including:

  • Over 200 levels of gameplay (if you can avoid getting eaten for that long!)
  • Special power-ups, including the elusive red balloon
  • Support for AtariVox, SaveKey or compatible devices (sold separately!) that allow you to save and view high scores, and save and load the game state so that you can save your progress and resume later
  • A special Easter egg (if you can find it!)

To request a ROM pack, please e-mail me and I will provide payment instructions (checks and PayPal are accepted.)


Free demo ROM

I encourage you to “try it before you buy it,” so I’ve made a special demo version of Duck Attack! free to download or play online. To play online, just click here. To download the ROM, click here.

The demo is fully playable, and has almost all of the features that the cartridge version has, with a few exceptions:

  • The game ends once you complete Level 12. (Although completing Level 12 is no easy task!)
  • No red balloons.
  • No AtariVox or SaveKey support. (Hey, if you can afford an AtariVox, you can afford a Duck Attack! cartridge!)
  • No Easter egg.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!



Duck Attack! cartridge


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