Will Nicholes

Duck Attack!

Duck Attack! is a brand new game for a classic platform: the Atari 2600 (aka the Atari VCS: Video Computer System.)

Below is an online version of the users’ manual that’s shipped with each copy of the Duck Attack! cartridge.

Duck Attack! manual: Contents

1. The story

2. The basics

3. How to play

4. The ducks

5. Other dangers and obstacles

6. The zapper

7. Recharging the zapper

8. Balloons

9. Carrying objects

10. The magnet

11. The shield

12. The flashlight

13. The warp of death

14. Super-speed and shield colors

15. Game variations

16. Difficulty settings

17. Pausing the game

18. Game rooms / Safe rooms

19. Scoring

20. Continuing a game

21. Ending a game

22. AtariVox features

23. Troubleshooting

24. Tips and tricks

25. Credits

1. The story

For years, the elusive mad scientist Dr. Enrique MacGuffin has been genetically engineering giant, radioactive mutant ducks. These ducks are said to lay eggs of pure plutonium, which, the authorities say, Dr. MacGuffin is planning to use to create a doomsday device.

The authorities have finally located his secret lair, and have asked you, a renowned robotics inventor, to explore the lair and retrieve the radioactive eggs before MacGuffin can use them in his doomsday device.

Naturally, you don’t want to go in there yourself, since the place is teeming with radioactivity, but you know just who to send: your brand new robotic creation, who is immune from the effects of the deadly radiation.


With your trusty robot’s help, you can explore the lair and collect the plutonium eggs — but watch out: the mutant ducks are in there too, and they would love nothing more than to eat a metallic intruder. And no doubt Dr. MacGuffin has filled his many rooms with other deadly creatures and mechanical booby traps.

2. The basics

The object of the game is to collect enough eggs to advance to the next level, while avoiding the mutant, fire-breathing ducks, and other deadly objects.

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