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Duck Attack!

3. How to play

Duck Attack! is a one-player game. Be sure a joystick controller is connected to the left controller port. An optional AtariVox, SaveKey or compatible device can be connected to the right controller port to enable additional features, but is not required to play the game. (See the “AtariVox Features” section for more details.)

To start a new game, first press GAME SELECT to choose the starting level (Level 1 is the easiest).

Once you’ve selected the desired level, press GAME RESET to begin. The robot you control will appear in the Score Room.

The score room

To exit the score room and enter Dr. MacGuffin’s lair, move the joystick to the left until the robot goes through the blue door on the left.


Using the joystick, move up, down, left, right or diagonally to explore the lair and look for the radioactive eggs.


When you find an egg, first pick it up by colliding with it. Then, find the door that the egg opens. In the first few levels, this door will be the same color as the egg. Collide with the door while carrying the egg and the door will open, and the egg will be transported to the egg shelf room where it belongs.

egg + closed door = open door

You can then go through the now-open door to explore previously locked areas and look for the next egg.

If you are playing Level 1, the first egg you will find will be flashing red; pick it up and take it to the red door to unlock the door. Once you enter the red door, locate the second egg (flashing blue). Upon finding the blue egg, pick it up and take it to the blue door. After opening the blue door, you have completed Level 1!

For each egg you collect, you earn 200 points. Once you collect all the eggs in a level, your robot will do a happy dance and you will advance to the next level. You earn a 1,000-point bonus for each level you complete.

If you manage to complete Level 12 by collecting all 25 eggs, you have accomplished your mission! (And your robot will do an even happier dance.)

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