Will Nicholes

Duck Attack!

4. The ducks

As you search for eggs, beware of the giant mutant ducks patrolling the premises. If they’re on the opposite side of the room you’re in, they will try to incinerate you by blasting you with a deadly fireball, and if you get too close, they’ll open their beaks and eat you!

There are ten different ducks in Duck Attack!, each with its own speed and personality. The brown duck is the slowest, the gray duck is a little faster, the blue duck is even faster... and when you come across the red duck, watch out!


5. Other dangers and obstacles

There are other dangerous creatures and objects; some will chase you, some will simply run you over if you get too close: avoid them!

tank, bee, poison arrow, snake, chomper

In general, if it moves (or shoots at you), get out of its way, and if it doesn’t, pick it up for points or special powers.

Fortunately, your robot is only vulnerable in one spot: the Central Processing Unit (CPU). The CPU is the differently-colored section in the middle of the robot. If a dangerous object or creature comes into contact with the CPU, your robot will be damaged or lose a life.

However, merely brushing up against a deadly object with the robot’s arm, leg, or antenna is OK, and no damage will result. Robot arms, legs and antennae are very resilient!

bad arrow   OK arrow
An arrow through the CPU: bad news   An arrow through the antenna: no problem

Another danger to look out for is the river: its current is swift and deadly. You can tell where a river is by its shimmering blue and green color. If you touch a river, its current will sweep you away and into the ocean, where you’ll drown, unless you can swim back to dry land quickly enough (and unless the water snakes get you first!)


There are also a number of trap rooms, where the walls will close in on you from above and below if you don’t make it out of the room in time:

Trap room: watch out for those walls!

If you get caught between the walls, you’ll be pinned there and it will only be a matter of time before a duck or snake comes by to snack on you.

There are two ways to ensure you can escape a trap room safely: either pick up a pink balloon to achieve super-speed, or a blue balloon to gain the ability to float above walls.

And last but not least: you will need to go through doors to get from one area of the lair to another, but not all doors are helpful. Some are actually booby-traps that will drop you in an area you cannot get out of!

If you are trapped in a wall (or between walls), you can press GAME RESET to end the current life and start the next one (if you have any lives left) rather than sit around and wait for a duck or other creature to find and eat you.

trap door

One of the doors will drop you into this hole, from which you cannot escape... but which one?

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