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Duck Attack!

8. Balloons

As you explore the lair, you will encounter balloons of various colors. Each color indicates a different power or point-value you earn by picking up the balloon:

At the start of each level, a green balloon will appear. Picking it up will earn you an extra life! (But watch out for the tank that guards it.) You can have up to 15 lives in reserve. green balloon
Picking up a pink balloon will super-charge you! When you’re super-charged, your speed is increased and you can absorb one hit (from a fireball, snake, poison arrow, etc.) without losing a life. Once you’re hit, you lose the super-charge and revert to your original speed. pink balloon

Every once in a while, a flashing gold balloon will appear when you enter a room... pick it up for 5,000 points.
gold balloon
If you’ve already earned enough extra lives to fill up your reserve of 15, you will be rewarded with a 3,000-point yellow balloon at the start of the next level. yellow balloon
You’ll have to become an expert player to encounter the elusive red balloon. red balloon
Picking up a blue balloon lets you float above the walls. You can even float from room to room, and over any rivers you encounter. To pick up the balloon, collide with it. To release the balloon, press the “fire” button. blue balloon

Like the zapper (and unlike the other balloons), the blue balloon can be picked up, moved from place to place, dropped, and picked up again. You can carry up to two objects at a time.

The blue balloon is handy for floating over rivers, walls and trap rooms. But don’t let go of the balloon over a river, or you’ll be swept away and drown. And don’t let go of the balloon while you’re in a wall, or you’ll be stuck in that wall and have to sacrifice a life by pressing GAME RESET (or getting eaten once a duck, snake or bee happens by.)

Although the balloon will help you through the walls, certain barriers are so high that even the balloon cannot help you. These barriers are the bars on the left, right, top or bottom edge of certain rooms that are colored differently from the rest of the room.

left barrier

The barrier on the left can’t be crossed... even with the blue balloon.

In later levels, some of the eggs and doors are hidden behind walls you will need the blue balloon to cross.

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