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Duck Attack!

15. Game variations

There are 10 different game variations you can choose from the game select screen. You can choose to begin on Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, and you can choose to turn Random Mode on or off.

If Random Mode is on, the game objects (eggs, zapper, shield, ducks, etc.) will appear in different locations each time you start a new game. If Random Mode is off, the game objects will appear in the same location each time you start a game. You can set Random Mode off when you’re just getting started learning the layout of the rooms; once you have mastered that, switch Random Mode to “on” to keep the game challenging.

Start Level Random Mode # of rooms # of ducks Objects
2off333Zapper, magnet
3off524Zapper, magnet, flashlight, shield
4off554Zapper, magnet, flashlight, shield
5off584Zapper, magnet, flashlight, shield
1on192Zapper, magnet
2on333Zapper, magnet
3on524Zapper, magnet, flashlight, shield
4on555Zapper, magnet, flashlight, shield
5on585Zapper, magnet, flashlight, shield

To select a game, press GAME SELECT to bring up the game select screen, shown below.

the select screen

While in the game select screen, you can press GAME SELECT or move the joystick up to increase the starting level, or move the joystick down to decrease the starting level.

Pressing left on your joystick turns Random Mode off; pressing right on your joystick turns Random Mode on.

When you’ve selected the type of game you want to play, press either GAME RESET or the fire button on your joystick to start the game.

16. Difficulty settings

The difficulty switches are used to control how fast the ducks, fireballs, and other creatures move.

The LEFT DIFFICULTY switch controls the speed of fireballs, tanks, poison arrows and similar objects: set it to “A” for fast-moving objects, “B” for normal speed.

The RIGHT DIFFICULTY switch controls the speed of the ducks. Set it to “A” for fast-moving ducks, “B” for normal-speed ducks.

17. Pausing the game

Duck Attack! can be played on either an Atari 2600 (VCS) or 7800.

If you are playing Duck Attack! on a 2600 (or compatible system), the TV TYPE switch is used to pause the game. Move the switch to the B-W position to pause the game; move the switch back to the COLOR position to un-pause the game and resume play.

If you are playing on a 7800 (or compatible system), press the PAUSE button once to pause the game; press it a second time to un-pause the game and resume play.

Another way to pause the game is to move the robot to one of the three “safe rooms” described below: the score room, the egg shelf room, or the credits room.

Duck Attack! is programmed with an “idle” mode which acts as a screensaver. (Certain types of televisions and monitors are affected by screen burn-in if the same image is displayed for too long without changing.)

If no joystick activity is detected for an extended period of time (between about 9 and 11 minutes, depending on the type of console), the screen will turn off (appear all black). To bring the system out of idle mode and resume the game, simply move the joystick, and the game screen will reappear, right where you left it.

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