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Duck Attack!

18. Game rooms / safe rooms

The first game room you will encounter in a game of Duck Attack! is the score room. This room appears when you first start a game.

the score room

The score room gives you four useful pieces of information:

  • Your score
  • The level number
  • The number of eggs remaining to be collected on this level
  • The number of robots (lives) in reserve. You start off with three robots in reserve, and can earn more by completing levels.

The door on the left leads to the main game play area. The door on the right leads to the egg shelf room.

The egg shelf room displays all the eggs you’ve collected so far in the level, along with “holes” where the rest of the eggs will go once you collect them.

the egg shelf room

To return to the score room from the egg shelf room, go into the door on the left. If you go into the door on the right instead, you can see the credits room, which shows the game credits and version number.

the credits room

Each of these three rooms is a “safe room”; while here, no ducks or other creatures can attack you. These are good places to “park” the robot if you need a break from the action. If you need a place to rest and consider your plan of attack, you can retreat to one of these rooms.

A good way to tell which rooms are safe and which are dangerous is by looking at the robot’s antenna and boots: if they are black, the robot is in a safe room; you can stay there indefinitely without risk. If they are white, then you’re in the main game area, and a duck or other creature could come by at any minute, so be vigilant!

If you happen to be carrying an object or objects when entering the safe rooms, they will not be displayed until you leave. If you lose a life in the main game area while carrying an object or objects, those objects will automatically be given to the next robot when it exits the score room; you won’t have to go retrieve them.

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