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Duck Attack!

19. Scoring

There are lots of ways to rack up points in Duck Attack!

Use an egg to open a door200
Complete a level 1,000
Pick up a bonus item 100-10,000
Pick up a green balloon 100
Pick up a pink balloon 200
Pick up a yellow balloon 3,000
Pick up a gold balloon 5,000
Pick up a red balloon ????
Duck walks over a zapper 100
Hit a duck with a zapper 400
Duck walks over a super-zapper500
Hit a duck with a super-zapper800
Hit a snake with a zapper 300
Hit a bee with a zapper 500

Each level features a unique bonus item: pick it up for points. The first level bonus is 100 points, the second level bonus is 200 points, etc., all the way up to Level 100, which gives you 10,000 points for picking up the bonus.


20. Continuing a game

Once you lose your last robot, you will be given the option to continue the game at the same level you left off, if you’ve reached Level 6 or higher.


To continue, press the fire button on the joystick before the counter reaches zero. Your score will be reset to zero, you will be given three robots (lives), and you will restart the level number you were on when you lost your last life, minus the number of warps taken.

If you don’t want to continue at the same level you left off, you can either wait until the “continue” count reaches zero, or immediately press GAME SELECT or GAME RESET, to return instead to the game select screen, where you can choose Levels 1 through 5.

21. Ending a game

To end a game and return to the game selection screen, press the GAME SELECT button.

Pressing the GAME RESET button in the middle of a game will sacrifice the current life and return you to the score room.

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