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22. AtariVox features

If you have an AtariVox, SaveKey or compatible device plugged into the right controller port, you can take advantage of the following features.

High score support

When you lose your last life, your score will automatically be added to the “Top 5 scores” (if it’s high enough) before the “Game Over” or “Continue” screen appears. The top 5 scores will then appear once the “Game Over” screen disappears. (If you choose to continue, your score will be saved, but the top 5 score screen will not appear until you finish playing.)

Top 5 scores

The high scores are stored on the AtariVox (or compatible device). If no device is found, the Top 5 Scores screen will not be displayed.

You can clear the high scores by holding the joystick in the “up” position and pressing GAME RESET while the high scores are being displayed on the screen.

Save and load a game in progress

With an AtariVox or compatible device, you can save your game and return to it later. This is handy if you’ve just beaten a difficult level but need to go do something else (or even just want to play a different video game for a while.) You can save your game, turn off your Atari, and then load your game exactly where you left off when you return.

To save your game, go to the credits room (see the “Game Rooms” section) and press the Fire button on the joystick. If the program was able to save your game successfully, it will move you to the score room. If it was unsuccessful, it will move you to the egg shelf room. It will be unsuccessful if you don’t have an AtariVox or compatible device properly connected to the right joystick port.

To load your game, start a new game (by pressing GAME RESET from the select game screen), then go to the credits room and press GAME RESET again. If the program was able to load the game successfully, it will move you to the score room; if not, to the egg shelf room.

You can re-load a saved game as many times as you like by going to the credits room and pressing GAME RESET. However, only one game can be saved to the AtariVox, so be sure you want to save the current game before pressing the Fire button in the credits room, because any previously-saved game will be overwritten.

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