Will Nicholes

Duck Attack!

23. Troubleshooting

If the game appears to be “stuck,” (not responding to the joystick), it may be paused. If you are playing on an Atari 2600 (or compatible system), move the TV TYPE switch to the COLOR position to un-pause the game and resume play.

If you are playing on an Atari 7800 (or compatible system), press the PAUSE button once to un-pause the game and resume play.

If there is no picture (screen is all black), the game has gone into screensaver/idle mode. Push the joystick in any direction to exit screensaver mode and restore the game screen.

24. Tips and tricks

You can carry up to two objects at a time. Plan which two objects will be most useful to have when exploring new areas, and leave the other objects someplace easy to remember so you can retrieve them later as needed.

(The printed manual has additional tips and tricks as a way of saying “thank you” to those who bought the cartridge version of Duck Attack!)

25. Credits

Duck Attack! © 2009-2010 Will Nicholes.

Game design, coding and manual text by Will Nicholes.

Label and manual cover art, manual layout by Nathan Strum.

Special thanks to the lovely Jenni Fritz for extensive beta-testing, to the expert programmers and homebrew fans on the AtariAge forums for their expertise and encouragement, and to my mom and dad for surprising me with that Atari 2600 under the Christmas tree so many years ago.

Visit https://WillNicholes.com/duck for more information about Duck Attack!

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