Will Nicholes

Play Duck Attack! online

To play:
F1 = start game / game reset,
F2 = game select,
arrow keys = move robot,
space bar = throw zapper / drop object

TV Your browser doesn't seem to support applets. TV
image Power TV Type Left Difficulty image Right Difficulty Game Select Game Reset image

Game too hard? You can change the difficulty settings on the left and right sides of the cartridge to “B” for an easier game. (You’ll need Javascript enabled for this to work.)

For detailed instructions on how to play Duck Attack!, click here for the online manual.

Special thanks to Nathan Strum (TV and console graphics), Darrell Spice Jr. (Javascript code) and the creators of JStella, the Java applet that makes this possible.

To play other great Atari 2600 homebrew games, check out Darrell’s homebrews online. Duck Attack! and many other fun homebrews are available from the AtariAge store.


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